Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper & App Iphone Free Download

Broken Screen prank 2 simulates the fractured screen impact on smartphones and tablets to have joy with your friends. You could visit Enjoy Entertainment’s website to know extra about the company/developer who produced this. Broken Screen Prank wallpaper can be downloaded and introduced on Android projects helping 19 API and above. Broken Screen Prank download is the best application for creating fun of your friends. This program simulates the result of a broken screen of a mobile phone. Different and very sensible cracks characters on the phone’s glass over the real desktop pictures, along with the actual sounds of the breaking glass, are driven into the shock of your friends.

broken screen prank iphoneBroken Screen Prank app can have a joke with your friends and family, which simulator the screen broke the force, let them think the screen is undoubtedly cracked, he may buy a new one. Have fun to make prank phone was cut. Maybe that’s when I made a joke get a new phone. According to a split screen application you need to complete a type of high-quality elements that will add a new dimension the world of area of the joke. Cracked screens have done for you. Like the real thing that you will have so many fun with this statement.

broken screen prank pcBroken Screen Prank pc is a funny application to prank your friends by assuming the cut/cracked screen effect. Broken Screen Prank iphone allows you to choose amongst five another broken screen ways. In the example here I used a picture of a really broken screen Prank iPhone before it was repaired, you can save this image yourself and use it if you want to, it is 1500 × 2273 decision, and so it will fit perfectly fine on most iPhone and iPad types, and if you turn it horizontally it’ll be enough for the Mac and desktop too.

broken screen prank app


  • A large number of different texture of broken glass
  • Activated by shake-whistle-timer and automatic
  • Prank your friend into thinking you broke your phone
  • Enjoy pranking everyone with the realistic screen break app
  • Use your phone even while the is “Broken Screen Prank” to receive calls, lock the device, play games, etc

Product description:

  • Realistic screen breaks
  • Prank your friend into thinking you broke your phone
  • Optional cracking sound to fool people
  • Customize when the screen “breaks” and when it returns to normal
  • Variety of different screen breaks so the crack always looks different

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